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Signs Your Hiring the Best Window Cleaners

Window cleaners are a must for any homeowner who wants to keep their home looking its best. While it’s easy to just rely on the professionals, that often leaves homeowners paying more than they have to and not getting the quality of service that they deserve. It doesn’t have to be this way! With a little effort, you can find the best window cleaners in your area and hire them yourself. Here are some signs you’ve found a great window cleaner.

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They have a background in the business. You don’t want to hire a professional cleaner who has spent their career working as an auto mechanic! That’s not saying that those people can’t be excellent window cleaners, but it is important to know that they understand your needs and what you’re trying to accomplish. A window cleaner should be able to give you a quick assessment of what they think the problem is. A good window cleaner should also have recommendations on how to keep your windows in top shape between cleanings so that your investment lasts as long as possible.

Deals and Special Offers

They offer coupons and deals. While this may not seem like much, it could be one of the best signs you have found the best window cleaner. Last thing you want is to hire someone who isn’t even offering an introductory discount! They know they are the best, and they want to make sure you know it too. If you’re still not convinced, then wait until it is close to closing time on a weekday. The best window cleaners will offer discounts during that time so that they can get more customers in the door.

References and Reviews

They provide references and case studies. With today’s technology, it’s downright easy to find reviews for just about everything. Before hiring a window cleaner, you should check to see if they have any reviews from people who have used their services before. If they do not offer any, then you may want to look elsewhere. If they do, then you can most likely trust what is said. Many window cleaners hire writers to make up nice things about them on the internet, so it’s important not to take everything at face value.

Asking for references should be a natural part of your hiring process if you are trying to find the best window cleaner. A good window cleaner should be happy to provide you with references, provided that they are not too busy at the moment.


They give you a quote before starting. Most customers know exactly what their budget is and what sort of price range they’re looking for in a window cleaner. The best window cleaners will respect this and provide a clear quote before starting work. They will also make sure to explain what exactly they are going for. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during this process! It’s better to go over a few things now than to end up paying more than you were planning to.

Environmentally Conscious

They have an environmentally conscious approach. In today’s economy, it can be difficult for just about anyone to keep their business afloat. However, many window cleaners will still try and help the environment while doing their job. Using waterborne chemicals instead of solvent-based ones is one way that they can accomplish this goal. Turnover in the industry happens frequently and it takes a certain type of person to do what these window cleaners do, so it’s wise to recognize the ones who care about your eco-system.


They offer a warranty. A warranty is great for establishing trust between you and them as customers, but it’s also good business sense for them! If they know that their workmanship will last long enough to cover at least one window cleaning session, then they will feel more comfortable doing the work. A warranty also shows that they have a lot of confidence in their own abilities, three to be exact.


They give you aftercare tips and tricks. As mentioned above, it’s important to keep your windows as clean as possible between cleanings. The best window cleaners know this, and make sure to provide advice on how their customers can keep their windows looking great. They should also be able to point out several easy steps that customers can take to help them provide the best service possible. This is especially important if they use waterborne chemicals because these don’t dry like solvent-based ones do!

Professional and Efficient

They are professional and quick. The best window cleaners will know exactly what they are doing, and how to do it quickly. This way, you can get the most for your money without feeling like you’re being taken advantage of by paying too much for a service that wasn’t necessary in the first place! Many people tend to save up their window cleaning sessions in the winter, so this is when they should try and hire one to come by.

They are not pushy. The best window cleaners know that it’s better to provide you with what you want than for them to try and convince you otherwise. They may make suggestions about different chemicals or techniques, but if you aren’t interested then they won’t push the issue. Make sure that you do your research before hiring a window cleaner so that you know what to expect from them if this does come up!

Experience and Reliability

They have experience. Many people only hire the best window cleaners because they have been around for a long time. If someone has been in business for several years, then they must be doing something right! This also means that they have a lot of experience and can get the job done quickly.

They are reliable. Nothing is worse than having someone come by your house to do a job that they aren’t going to finish. The best window cleaners know this and take their jobs seriously enough to be punctual! If they agree to be there at a certain time, then you can expect them to be there within the window of time that they have set for themselves.

You get your money’s worth. The best window cleaners are able to provide their customers with detailed estimates so that no one is surprised during the process later down the line. This way, both parties know what they are getting themselves into before work ever begins! They also offer coupons so that you can get more for your money if the job is larger than expected.

Best Window Cleaners

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