How to Clean Your House Siding with Pressure Washing

How to Clean Your House Siding with Pressure Washing

If the siding on your home is looking worse for wear, the process of pressure washing can be a great way to restore it. Pressure washing provides an effective and fast solution so that you can achieve a sparkling clean exterior with minimal effort. But what do you need to know before making the plunge? This guide will provide insight into choosing professional pressure washing siding companies as well as best practices and tips for ensuring perfect results. With quality service from experienced professionals, you’ll have sparkling fresh house siding in no time!

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What is pressure washing and why is it important for siding maintenance 

Pressure washing is a powerful cleaning method which uses pressurized water, along with detergents or other cleaning agents, to remove dirt, debris and algae from surfaces. It’s an ideal solution for house siding maintenance as it can easily remove stubborn stains and buildup from most types of siding. Because it is far more efficient than traditional scrubbing and rinsing methods, pressure washing can save time and effort when maintaining your house siding, allowing for the piece of mind that your home’s exterior is properly protected against the elements.

Benefits of hiring a professional pressure washing company 

Hiring a professional pressure washing company offers several benefits over attempting to clean your house siding with a DIY approach. Pros understand different types of surfaces, detergents, and chemicals used for exterior siding cleaning so that your siding is not harmed in the process. An experienced company can also take into consideration the size of your house, any additional structures like decks or gazebos on the property, as well as review recommendations such as special rinsing needs. Lastly, with a trained team of experts in pressure washing services, you can rest assured that you will receive high quality work done safely and efficiently.

Types of cleaning solutions used by professional companies 

Professional companies use a variety of cleaning solutions when pressure washing house siding. Depending on the type of dirt and buildup, they often tailor the solution to get the best result possible. Common solutions include detergents, acids and bleaches that are specially designed for exterior surfaces. These chemicals are safe for both the siding and due to their high concentration levels, deliver more powerful cleaning results than examples typically purchased in stores. For tough grime and mold buildup, professionals sometimes employ specialty substances like fungicides and degreasers which break down certain contaminants to provide sparkling clean results!

How to prepare your property before pressure washing 

Before you begin pressure washing your house siding, it is critical to prepare your property accordingly. Take the time to clear away all outdoor furniture, decorations, and other items away from the house so that the force of the water does not cause any damage. Additionally, check around all doors and windows for any cracks or holes in which water may enter. It is also important to cover any outdoor receptacles or vents with plastic bags so that water does not make its way inside. Taking a few precautionary steps before you start will help ensure that the pressure washing process goes smoothly and efficiently.

Steps to take during the pressure washing process 

Pressure washing can be a great way to clean your house’s siding, but it is important to follow the right steps. To start, make sure you’re using a pressure washer that is powerful enough for the job. Depending on factors such as the type of siding and its condition, choose an attachment with suitable PSI and GPM ratings. Set up the machine correctly and add high-quality detergent to do thorough cleaning. Never start with too much pressure and work your way up gradually. Maintain a distance between you and the surface while applying pressure washers to avoid water accumulation or damaging delicate materials. End by rinsing off all soap from the house siding with fresh water. Following these steps should help ensure that your pressure washing project is successful and safely done!

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