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Long and harsh winters are a given for Minnesotans. And with those with those winters come the the inevitable snow. For all the joy snow can bring, its buildup on the roof of your home can also create a dangerous situation for the structure of your home and your family.

The team at Shine is here to help. We offer professional ice dam removal services to keep your home safe till the spring.

Local Business, Expert Service

Shine is based in Stillwater, MN and our experienced team can meet all of your needs for ice dam removal in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding areas.

Our team provides service that is detail-oriented and efficient, ensuring that your roof isn’t damaged during the removal process. Each roofing material requires a different steaming temperature to successfully remove ice. The team at Shine takes the time to make sure the entire process is conducted smoothly and properly.

The Importance of Ice Dam Removal

It’s no surprise to most of us that a buildup of snow and ice on our roofs can be risky. As snow and ice build up, the weight on roof compounds. 

The risks this presents includes gutters being torn from your home, shingles being stripped from your roof, and even water penetrating into the foundation of your roof and into your attic space. Ice dam removal is a smart preventative method to ensure your home isn’t damaged long term by snow and ice. 

Why You Should Hire Shine for Your Ice Dam Removal Services

Expert Approach

Our process the uses the most safe method to remove ice dams: steaming. Our expert team understands how to properly apply the steam to different roofing materials so your roof isn't damaged in the removal process.

Personal Service

As a local business, we understand the importance of working with our clients to ensure the entire ice dam removal process is local. Based in Stillwater, MN, Shine can easily service areas all of the Minneapolis and Saint Paul metro area.

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