The Hidden Costs of Gutter Cleaning

The Hidden Costs of Gutter Cleaning – What You Should Know

A recent survey found that homeowners are not only unaware of the hidden costs of gutter cleaning, but they often make mistakes when performing the task themselves which could lead to more expense down the road. Let’s explore what you ought to know about gutter cleaning-the hidden cost, how to clean gutters yourself, and more!

The Hidden Costs of Gutter Cleaning

For homeowners, gutter cleaning is a chore that must be performed every year to prevent flooding and ensure proper drainage from the roof. While it might appear as though this only requires a ladder and some sort of device for removing debris from the gutters, there are hidden costs involved with the gutter cleaning that many homeowners do not consider. In order to protect your siding and foundation from water damage, you need to understand these cost factors before beginning the process. Once you have an informed decision about whether or not you want to hire a professional service or perform the task yourself, then you can take action accordingly.

The True Cost of Gutter Cleaning

In addition to deciding if you want to pay a professional company or attempt the task yourself, it is also wise to be aware of the true cost of gutter cleaning. While you may not consider these additional expenses ahead of time, they can certainly come back and bite you in the behind. If your gutters are severely clogged by debris such as dirt and grime rather than just leaves and twigs, then there is a chance that you will have to hire a professional service for repairs as well. Of course, this depends on the type of material clogging your gutters as well as how damaged they are when they need to be emptied out.

A recent survey conducted by an internet marketing organization discovered that homeowners were surprised by hidden costs associated with gutter cleaning. When they were asked if they knew what other related costs might take place, 44% of respondents replied that they did not know. This is a serious problem since a majority of homeowners only clean their gutters when water starts to overflow or leak while 18% admitted to cleaning their gutters less frequently than recommended by professionals.

If you choose to hire a professional service, then be prepared for this additional expense. In addition, the average cost of gutter cleaning varies from region to region and is based upon how many stories your home has as well as its roof shape and size. Since these factors vary from house to house, it’s nearly impossible to determine an exact price ahead of time so it’s best to call around and get quotes before committing yourself.

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